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About VIEW

A free blindzone measurement tool

VIEW is a measurement tool and crowd-sourced database with visualizations of blindzones for many types of vehicles. It uses LiDAR technology and seat measurements to calculate what space around the vehicle is visible from the driver's eyepoint.

Who It Helps

VIEW is designed to help all kinds of people

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Vehicle Buyers

Discover blindzones to help make purchase decisions.
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Fleet Managers

Measure and address blindzones in vehicles on the road.
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Access blindzone information to raise awareness.

Why This Matters

Research shows that drivers respond 0.7 seconds faster to hazards seen through direct vision than indirect vision. In addition, according to a study conducted at the University of Leeds, drivers react up to 50% faster to hazards in their direct vision compared to indirect vision. Learn More
Diagram looking out through windshield of vehicle with forms of direct vision, indirect vision, and blindzones color-coded

Indirect Vision

What a driver can see with the aid of devices such as mirrors and cameras.


Where visibility is blocked by solid components of the vehicle.

Direct Vision

What a driver can see directly with their own eyes.

Who We Are

About Us

We are a group of safety researchers and professionals focused on addressing the rising number of pedestrian and bicyclist fatalities.

In partnership with Federal and non-Federal stakeholders, we aim to quantify and understand the safety impacts of large blindzones and to inform Safe System Approach solutions to save lives.

Curious to learn more?

Find answers to frequently asked questions about the work we do, vehicle blindzones, and how to use the site. FAQs